$ 180.00

Social media is replacing the resume as the primary source of relevant information about candidates applying for college or employment opportunities. Colleges and employers are using social media to search for, identify, and recruit talent, will your digital presence help you stand out from the crowd?

Through each eCourse, Social Assurity will address the importance of building a positive and productive social media presence, as well as how the permanence and discoverability of an individual’s digital footprint can help, rather than obstruct, future academic and professional pursuits.

A compelling digital presence is one that authentically showcases activities, accomplishments, interests, community service, and unique skills. A student's digital presence is an essential 21st-century skill needed for today’s competitive academic and professional placements.

To better understand the role of social media in the college admissions and employment processes, and the importance of creating and owning a compelling digital presence, DECA members can complete the courseware and will receive certification upon completion.

The $180 fee for courses covers classrooms of up to 30 students. Students can finish the courses at their leisure throughout the school year, but will not be able to access courses once they have been completed.